Lonely & Alone.

Assalamualaikum uolls! :D
Yeah~ It's me~ again. Hehe~ Okay. Today, I feel like i wanna post something then yeah. Now!

right now i feel like i wanna cry. but i can't seems everything is all about ex. my exes. doesn't means that i missed them. not at all. i kinda miss the feel when i'm with them. now, i felt insecure. ok. actually, rasenye mcm it's a big mistakes. why? big mistake because you're watching gossip girl's series myra. itu salah sebenarnye. tersangat. sebab kenape salah tgk gossip girl? sebab itu mengingatkan diriku kepada experience dulu-dulu with my exes. as i mentioned.

Tgk Chuck and Blair fighting with each other make me sad in my deepest heart. at least they fight to get the attention from both sides. but me? there's no one fight for me. ok. xperlu nk romantis rasenye myra~ i miss how we met, where we dine? where we hang out together? i really miss that feeling. skg ni rase mcm nk ade pakwe je. sbb yeah. i never alone when it comes to the couple talks. every time i broke up, there's a man will wait for me. each time of it. but now?

dulu yes, admit. i love them followed the western ways. how to make love more romantic or whatever. peluk, holding the hands, cuddle itu semua poyo! dosa tau x dosa. mmg seronok bile buat mcm tu tapi, cube la fikir. your sins still is in your dad's responsibility.

so, i decided to move on my life without hanging with other man and walk alone to Allah's path. i'm getting bore with this playing stuffs. My ex, Hanif, he's cheated on me. Coupled with me almost 2 years and he end up this relationship with tangle with other girl. i admit she's more pretty, more brainy, but it doesn't means that i can be played. my heart crushed enough for this relationship and i don't think that i deserved the good man later. it's ok i can't get marry in my life because i believe that my angel at Jannah will wait for me.

and, now, don't ask me why i easily get angry with the boys. i fed up. the boys are irritating!~ so much. i'm still crying for this relationship. seriously. i can't think about it or else, the eye will wet immediately. i think i should stop writing. i couldn't stop my tears even i shed them already. ok done! bye~ :)

*Allah keep the kind man for me, that's why i'm still single. :) Halal is so much better :D

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