Fifty Shades Fucked Up.

Hi and good morning. Ahhhhhhh.. long time no see!!! I miss to write on this. Seriously, when i wanna write here, i'll busy doing my stuff. Hehe. So. What we have here? Btw, today is my second day. Working at government office and i still no job. They didn't assign me anything yet and its so fucked up. Haha. Ok i'm sorry for swearing but here. I wanna talk about 50 shades trilogy. Hahaha. Why? I'm so thrilled when talk about it. Yes, maybe some of you think the movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' wasn't amused enough for you but the movie moved me. Emotionally.

Fifty Shades of Grey had on cinema on Valentine's Day and of course we here banned for those explicit film. FSOG classified as soft porn though its including BDSM (Bondage Dominant Submissive Masochism). What is that Pokemon? Just Google it. You will get your answer. I watched FSOG few weeks before and yes, the sex scene wasn't alluring me enough. But i decided to continue watch because the story itself. As we know, Fifty Shades trilogy  novels are so famous and best seller in New York. The plot is quite vanilla and we can reach the conclusion as soon as we read it in half of novel. I can't still understand why women can masturbated inside the cinema. Yes, i'm not lying. True story. Haha.

My first impression when my student asked me to watch this movie together. I know this movie is overrated and i thought they would not showed tits, arse or what. I do make some research about this movie and what is BDSM. When i read the review of FSOG, its disappointing me. Why? They just 2.3 out of 10. Then, with my curiosity, i decided to read the novels. Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Since i really wanted to know what is the continuation from FSOG movie, i read Fifty Shades Darker first. Thank god, what i really wanted became true. Christian did ask Anastasia for marry him.

I'm over-poured my emotion when Anastasia decided to leave him on FSOG, and no real ending. Which is we will know the sequel will be on screen later. Most of review said she just a horny girl and need to pop her cherry. For me, its normal. Hormones are raging at those age. Same goes to me. I admitted the things happened to Ana, happened to me too.But i'm not going to pop my cherry before my husband. Unless he's Christian. So, its normal. And i didn't see that she wanna be a gold digger. What she needs is love. That's all. I cried because Christian can't explained to her well. Talk about his pasts, how he become over-controlling, dominant and cold person. I know he can't talk about it freely to other besides  Dr.Flynn, but he need to open his heart for Ana if he said he never been feel like that before Ana came to his life. If he can't give her his love,why he make Ana feel so special? Then, he rejected Ana just like that when Ana said she loves him. She fall for him.

I really love Dakota Johnson in FSOG although many reviews said she didn't suitable to be Anastasia Steele. I don't know. She's okay with that character and i satisfied with her. Then, they'll continue with Fifty Shades Darker which is 1st trailer already come out end of February 2015. With tagline, "I believe that you owe me a dance" - Mr. Grey. Seriously I really excited and oh mai gat, how i'm gonna wait until 2017? Nope, i cannot brain this! haha. On FSOG, we didn'y see enough Christian's attitude toward Ana. But, on FSD, we can see how he cares with Ana, and sometimes we can feel Ana's suffocated feeling. Ana will move in to Christian's Escala apartment, some kinkery fuckery stuffs and seriously i can't wait for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtracks. FSOG's soundtracks are nice, soothing and yes, very suffocated.

And now? I'm waiting until 2017 and will keep chasing Jamie Dornan's movie. every single movies, series, interviews, i'll catch them and stored in my storage. i need to write new post for Jamie Dornan. Only. Hahhaha~ ok. done. actually i started wrote this post on June, but now i can finish this one. haha~ Pretty pathetic. Whatever it is.. I love Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Lonely & Alone.

Assalamualaikum uolls! :D
Yeah~ It's me~ again. Hehe~ Okay. Today, I feel like i wanna post something then yeah. Now!

right now i feel like i wanna cry. but i can't seems everything is all about ex. my exes. doesn't means that i missed them. not at all. i kinda miss the feel when i'm with them. now, i felt insecure. ok. actually, rasenye mcm it's a big mistakes. why? big mistake because you're watching gossip girl's series myra. itu salah sebenarnye. tersangat. sebab kenape salah tgk gossip girl? sebab itu mengingatkan diriku kepada experience dulu-dulu with my exes. as i mentioned.

Tgk Chuck and Blair fighting with each other make me sad in my deepest heart. at least they fight to get the attention from both sides. but me? there's no one fight for me. ok. xperlu nk romantis rasenye myra~ i miss how we met, where we dine? where we hang out together? i really miss that feeling. skg ni rase mcm nk ade pakwe je. sbb yeah. i never alone when it comes to the couple talks. every time i broke up, there's a man will wait for me. each time of it. but now?

dulu yes, admit. i love them followed the western ways. how to make love more romantic or whatever. peluk, holding the hands, cuddle itu semua poyo! dosa tau x dosa. mmg seronok bile buat mcm tu tapi, cube la fikir. your sins still is in your dad's responsibility.

so, i decided to move on my life without hanging with other man and walk alone to Allah's path. i'm getting bore with this playing stuffs. My ex, Hanif, he's cheated on me. Coupled with me almost 2 years and he end up this relationship with tangle with other girl. i admit she's more pretty, more brainy, but it doesn't means that i can be played. my heart crushed enough for this relationship and i don't think that i deserved the good man later. it's ok i can't get marry in my life because i believe that my angel at Jannah will wait for me.

and, now, don't ask me why i easily get angry with the boys. i fed up. the boys are irritating!~ so much. i'm still crying for this relationship. seriously. i can't think about it or else, the eye will wet immediately. i think i should stop writing. i couldn't stop my tears even i shed them already. ok done! bye~ :)

*Allah keep the kind man for me, that's why i'm still single. :) Halal is so much better :D

Engagement? What?

Assalamualaikum WBT semua. yes~ terase nak post something and actually pasal tunang~ nope... i x tunang lagi and still single but i'm not alone. Since i hve Allah, my famille, friends and semua la~... why? why i nak cakap pasal tunang, pertunangan, petunang, tunangan, tu to the nang~

okay. first thing~ nak cakap pasal hadith. Hadith related to Engagement~ Yes. Ini hadithnye yang i found. Sahih! 

Rahsiakan pertunangan dan iklankan (maklumkan) tentang perkahwinan ”

(Hadith riwayat Ahmad dari Abdullah bin Zubair Radhiyallahu ‘anhu.)

So, hadith ni dah terangkan secare terusnye kepada kite yang bahawanya pertunangan itu seharusnya dirahsiakan. But, recently, nowadays, people suke sangat kecohkan tunang-tunang die tu. apahal ea? kejap. uolls nak cakap i jealous la tu. i jealous sbb i x de tunang, sbb i xde boifren, sbb x de laki nak kat i.. kan? i know mulut orang2 melayu ni. I tegur sbb i jealous. HELLO! i'm not okay~ seriously~ i'm not jealous you with your hubby-to-be or zaujah-to-be. but please uolls. i know your enthusiasm nk bernikah tu exhilaration of feeling but it's overlimit. uolls~ please... i ckp ni sbb i xnak uolss berdosa or hilangnye manis while you're in your engagement period. sbb ye. berkasih syg mmg seronok. i hve no doubt on that but guys~ please~

how many times i'm begging you with "please" word ni. here, i nak story something to uolls~ dulu, ade a few of my friends tunang. dok heboh kat fb. "omaigod!ko da tunang! ko tunang dengan sape? chanteknye cencen ko jemah! mesti baik laki ko kan?meriahnye nokk majlis tunang ko~ kacaknye tunang ko senah!" ok, itu few words dr suare2 sumbang blakang tabir. see~ orang tgk kan semua2 tu~ and those things yang peoplezzz da tgk tu baru tunang~ you get me? just nak ckp la yang uolls da taken. ouh. tahu da pung~ nak saying that you da engaged. aku da ade tunang! yay! ko hado? x kan? sadap je la! *sentap* yeah yeah yeah.~ i know uolls da tunang. tahu sangat!

but then, is it necessary everytime uolls update status on fb or twitter saying that MR TUNANG, CIK TUNANG, ABG TUNANG, KAK TUNANG, TUNANGKU SAYANG, MY LOVELY TUNANG~ hello sayangs and darlings semua~ your dosa tu (girls) still lagi on your dad tau~ although die tunang ko. doesn't mean die tu da official halal untuk ko~ then, trend skg, posing kat pelamin tunang (habes tu, nak panggil ape? pelamin kawin?) tentangan mate, hidung same rapat, almost comolot, si jemah sandar ke badan si kasim. wah2~ main sandar2 pulakkkk kann. mcm uolls tu dah kahwinnnn~ ermmmmm~ tapiiii~ ending nye? sampai ke dok ke jinjang pelamin nye tu? ha~ cer kabo skettttt. i ckp berdasarkan facts. and it's from my friends' stories. it's up to you whether uolls nk caye ke dop. i ckp ni for pengajaran. bukan utk umpatan~ uolls semua. please~ please~ please la~ please sangat. i tegur uolls sbb i love uolls~ i nak jumpe uolls lg~ kat jannah Allah. (aminnnn~) 

okay. i dr tadi ckp pasal hal org kan. ni i nak ckp pasal i dulu... i dulu pon same je mcm girls lain.. kalau dilamun chenta tu.. mcm hape je perangai semua indah. ikhtilat pon halal je dimate ku.. padahal ko tgh bersandiwara dengan lelaki ajnabi kot.... yes, aku admit dulu mmg teruk. xde la teruk sgt smpi aku buang kluarga, tidur sebantal dgn ex aku tu. itu bukan. itu giler x de maruah namenye. ni pesen pegang2 tangan. dulu kan trend pgg tgn ni. pegang lain dop la... takut weyh. kang mengandung ko.. malu mak ayah~ eeeee... ho itu la... mcm adab batas laki puang x dop. pas tu ptus ngn ex.. haha. kembali da ke jalan Allah. kirenye dapat hidayah ler.... tp org kate nak berubah mmg senang~ tp nak ttp kan pendirian untuk terus beristiqomah? tepuk dada tanye iman~ :) jadi, i da xnk uolls repeat ape yang i buat dulu... mmg seronok biler bergelumang dengan dosa, but the end? hellfire welcomes you. 

so, i need to finish this. if x.. sampai bile pun i wont stop.. last but not least. its okay uolls nak lala~ with your future hubby, but please. jgn post sampai buat orang jelek! ouh. jap.. ade among of them yg da tunang ni.. they posted this hadith and talked about ikhtilat~ itu before theyguys engage~ bila da tunang~ ikhtilat celah mne pun x tahu la...~ ok da.. baiiii~

*i'm sorry for my rudeness and roughness of my words up there. but that's me. sorry. i ni kasar sikit. nak polite2 with my parents je. or org tua2~ or sape2 je la~ whatever! bai! Assalamualaikum! :)