Fifty Shades Fucked Up.

Hi and good morning. Ahhhhhhh.. long time no see!!! I miss to write on this. Seriously, when i wanna write here, i'll busy doing my stuff. Hehe. So. What we have here? Btw, today is my second day. Working at government office and i still no job. They didn't assign me anything yet and its so fucked up. Haha. Ok i'm sorry for swearing but here. I wanna talk about 50 shades trilogy. Hahaha. Why? I'm so thrilled when talk about it. Yes, maybe some of you think the movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' wasn't amused enough for you but the movie moved me. Emotionally.

Fifty Shades of Grey had on cinema on Valentine's Day and of course we here banned for those explicit film. FSOG classified as soft porn though its including BDSM (Bondage Dominant Submissive Masochism). What is that Pokemon? Just Google it. You will get your answer. I watched FSOG few weeks before and yes, the sex scene wasn't alluring me enough. But i decided to continue watch because the story itself. As we know, Fifty Shades trilogy  novels are so famous and best seller in New York. The plot is quite vanilla and we can reach the conclusion as soon as we read it in half of novel. I can't still understand why women can masturbated inside the cinema. Yes, i'm not lying. True story. Haha.

My first impression when my student asked me to watch this movie together. I know this movie is overrated and i thought they would not showed tits, arse or what. I do make some research about this movie and what is BDSM. When i read the review of FSOG, its disappointing me. Why? They just 2.3 out of 10. Then, with my curiosity, i decided to read the novels. Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Since i really wanted to know what is the continuation from FSOG movie, i read Fifty Shades Darker first. Thank god, what i really wanted became true. Christian did ask Anastasia for marry him.

I'm over-poured my emotion when Anastasia decided to leave him on FSOG, and no real ending. Which is we will know the sequel will be on screen later. Most of review said she just a horny girl and need to pop her cherry. For me, its normal. Hormones are raging at those age. Same goes to me. I admitted the things happened to Ana, happened to me too.But i'm not going to pop my cherry before my husband. Unless he's Christian. So, its normal. And i didn't see that she wanna be a gold digger. What she needs is love. That's all. I cried because Christian can't explained to her well. Talk about his pasts, how he become over-controlling, dominant and cold person. I know he can't talk about it freely to other besides  Dr.Flynn, but he need to open his heart for Ana if he said he never been feel like that before Ana came to his life. If he can't give her his love,why he make Ana feel so special? Then, he rejected Ana just like that when Ana said she loves him. She fall for him.

I really love Dakota Johnson in FSOG although many reviews said she didn't suitable to be Anastasia Steele. I don't know. She's okay with that character and i satisfied with her. Then, they'll continue with Fifty Shades Darker which is 1st trailer already come out end of February 2015. With tagline, "I believe that you owe me a dance" - Mr. Grey. Seriously I really excited and oh mai gat, how i'm gonna wait until 2017? Nope, i cannot brain this! haha. On FSOG, we didn'y see enough Christian's attitude toward Ana. But, on FSD, we can see how he cares with Ana, and sometimes we can feel Ana's suffocated feeling. Ana will move in to Christian's Escala apartment, some kinkery fuckery stuffs and seriously i can't wait for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtracks. FSOG's soundtracks are nice, soothing and yes, very suffocated.

And now? I'm waiting until 2017 and will keep chasing Jamie Dornan's movie. every single movies, series, interviews, i'll catch them and stored in my storage. i need to write new post for Jamie Dornan. Only. Hahhaha~ ok. done. actually i started wrote this post on June, but now i can finish this one. haha~ Pretty pathetic. Whatever it is.. I love Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.